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A self-supporting island floating on a shoreless sea

But what does it mean to show us what the metaphysical traits of “being” really are, when, admittedly, nothing can be said about these traits? And are we not supposed to be done with metaphysical traits and with a “being” of which no one can say anything? It were better if Wittgenstein had included science as well as metaphysics when he said, “Wovon man nicht kann sprechen, daruber soll man schweigen.” Modern science has imposed silence upon God but in doing so, it was compelled to impose silence on itself. Modern science boldly asks for a criterion of meaning when one speaks to him of Christ. He assumes that he himself has a criterion, a principle of verification and of falsification, by which he can establish for himself a self-supporting island floating on a shoreless sea. But when he is asked to show his criterion as it functions in experience, every fact is indeterminate, lost in darkness; no one can identify a single fact, and all logic is like a sun that is always behind the clouds.

Cornelius Van Til, Christian Theistic Evidences

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A Good Friday meditation

Last year, I posted about a small booklet Scott Aniol and I assembled for use as a Good Friday meditation. The booklet includes several hymns about Christ’s passion, as well as poems by George Herbert and John Donne. We used this last year for the Good Friday service at Huron Baptist Church. I believe it would be suitable for family or small group use as well.

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The covering of scandal

The temptation to cover ecclesiastical scandal ensnares us only when we have already succumbed to an even more insidious temptation, to believe that this ministry or (worse) this man is indispensable to God’s work. If we hope to overcome the temptation to cover scandal when (Lord, help us!) it arises, we must be relentless in our always-present battle with pride.

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Craig vs. Harris

If you’re at all interested in the question of God’s existence, I commend to you the listening of this debate. Craig does great work here, especially given the limits of the debate topic.

Particularly interesting, from my perspective, is Harris’s attempt to deny a distinction between facts and values. His intent is to contend that science can speak to values, because no scientific endeavor is free of value judgments. I’m inclined to think that he’s right, but with with consequences that he doesn’t wish to acknowledge. Rather than giving science autonomy in the realm of morals, I think the abolishment of a fact-value distinction shows that science is itself a value-laden enterprise, and that such values are, given scientism, epistemically unjustified. Science, given a scientific worldview, is without foundation.

Anyway, go listen to the debate.

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