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Another CD recommendation

For the Sunday afternoon services at Calvary Baptist Church, we have been doing a survey of the Psalms. So far, we’ve spent two weeks considering examples of psalms of praise, and another two weeks the psalms of lament. We begin psalms of thanksgiving this week.

Our custom has been to conclude these services by singing the psalm that we’ve studied. For the psalms of lament, we used the tunes for the psalms from the Genevan Psalter.

For an introduction to these tunes, I’d recommend this recording. If any of the church folks are reading this post, you’ll hear that track 5 is the tune that we sang this past Sunday.

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I’m always interested in finding good deals on good music. I’ve recently come upon the site (as I was looking for New York Polyphony’s newest disc, endBeginning, which I recommend to you). Of particular interest is their daily deal page, in which they offer one disc a day at half price. Today’s disc is a collection of Baroque guitar selections, which is quite good (and comes with a gloriously awkward cover as a bonus).

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My candidating sermon

In January, when I candidated for the pastorate of Calvary Baptist Church, I preached on the qualifications for the elder in 1 Peter 5. The sermon is available for listening here.

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