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Way off topic: bad fantasy basketball league

You are warned: this post will be of interest to very few readers. I’m looking for the overlap between three groups: people who like the NBA, people who like fantasy sports, and people who have a slightly odd sense of humor.

If this describes you, please continue reading.

I have started an NBA fantasy league in which the scoring is inverted: instead of getting points for having the best players on your team, your goal is to play those players who provide the least production during their time on the court.

In this league, your players get points for starting games and for every minute they’re on the court. They get points for taking shots (but lose points if they make the shots). The get points for turning the ball over, but lose them for assists and rebounds. They also get points for fouls, including flagrants and technicals.

The result of this is that the top ten players in this league in the NBA last season were

  1. Travis Outlaw
  2. Stephen Jackson
  3. Jason Richardson
  4. Dorell Wright
  5. Wesley Matthews
  6. Trevor Ariza
  7. Metta World Peace (!)
  8. Gilbert Arenas
  9. Marco Belinelli
  10. Wesley Johnson

If this whole concept sounds amusing to you, add a comment below and I’ll send you an invitation to the league. We’re drafting on Monday night, and trust me: you want to be able to draft live for this one. The autodraft will just kill your team.

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