So here’s my story

27 Jul

I’m married, and my wife and I are living in Allen Park, Michigan.

Those two items are, of course, significant changes in the last two months of my life; I’ll give a brief update for friends who aren’t current on my story.

The moving story can be told quickly, so I’ll write that one now.

I’ve spent the last four years teaching at International Baptist College of Tempe, AZ. I loved my time at IBC. I love teaching; my theology courses were are joy, and I thoroughly enjoyed teaching freshman English this past year.

I was also the Dean of Men and a dorm supervisor; the latter position allowed me the unique privilege of hosting devotions in my room for the dorm guys most nights of the week. In particular, the Saturday evening devotions, when I’d host all the guys and we’d learn hymns, were truly highlights of my four years.

I was also the Acting Academic Dean of the school, which allowed me tremendous input into the academic program of IBC; for one so young to have such a position is rare; I certainly hope that I did not waste the trust given me.

Attentive readers might note, at this point, that I had a number of jobs at IBC, and the cumulative effect was that I have not been able to dedicate a great deal of time to finishing my doctorate. As things stand now, I have two papers to write (about 45 total pages) to complete my comprehensive exams, and then I will be submitting my dissertation proposal.

I need to finish my degree. (As my dad reads this, he is saying, “Yes, Son, you need to finish your degree.”)

And so, for this reason (among others), I decided to take a couple of years to dedicate myself to finishing my dissertation. My wife and I chose to move back to Michigan for several reasons. Two are prominent: we are able to attend Huron Baptist Church, pastored by Steve Thomas; and we are located close to Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary, which gives me access to a top notch theological research library.

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  1. Sam Hendrickson

    July 29, 2009 at 1:14 pm

    Hey Mike,
    It is hard to make these kind of changes, but I am glad to see the central focus of finishing up your PhD (ThD?). Will probably see you around…

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