Bauder on Christian Affections

12 Sep

In the summer of 2008, Kevin Bauder taught a course for the Schaumburg Bible Institute, which is a ministry of Bethel Baptist Church. The audio of these lectures has been available for quite some time, but with my new job giving me more time to listen to preaching and lecturing, and I’m only getting to listen to them now.

And you need to listen to them as well.

They are available for individual download from Bethel’s own website, but there you have to download each individually. I have update the tag information for each sermon and combined them into one file for ease of downloading.

If you have time to listen to sermons at all, listen through this series (nine sermons in total). You may not agree with everything that Dr. Bauder says, but he will give you a great deal to consider.

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One response to “Bauder on Christian Affections

  1. trulydisciples

    September 23, 2009 at 7:41 pm

    I downloaded and listened to this series. The last couple sermons I listened to twice. I recommend this series to everyone. I enjoyed his analysis of polytheism and realized I was a polytheist; that is, my academic degree pursuits were an idol. I promptly rectified the situation with my Lord and Savior on my knees. The thoughtful posts and the resources are greatly apprciated.

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