26 Oct

A very brief essay that argues that modern conservatives, who embrace the same fundamental principles that the liberals do, thus offer no real challenge to liberalism.

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  1. Ken Lucas

    October 27, 2009 at 4:52 pm

    Hello Michael Riley,

    I was enjoying the insight and information on your blog until I read the article about football. I watched my first full game of the season this past Sunday and really enjoyed the contest. It will be difficult for me to enjoy the game now that I know what they are doing to themselves and each other.

    So now I can thank you for giving me some free time on Thanksgiving instead of watching the game. You will not bare all of the blame since your dad is the one that recommended your website. Your dad is my boss and we have shared some very interesting discussions. You write very well and it is easy to see your dad’s influence in your style and content.

    Your site is now listed in my Favorites. We all need to hear the truth even if we do not like the message. Thank you. Ken

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