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The irony, it is rich

I am among the least regular bloggers I know. Despite that fact, I am now expanding my blogging reach by joining a team blog posting at Religious Affections. (Here is a post introducing the team.) My first post went up last week (on Thursday; I’m the Thursday guy); you can read it here.

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Blog silence

I will continue my series on Weaver, Van Til, the one-and-the-many, and being conservative; I am currently in the employ of FedEx, and the training that I’ve been undergoing and the upcoming peak shipping season are conspiring to reduce my blogging energy.


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On Piper, from the previous

As a brief aside in the current discussion, I’m going to repost a couple of articles that I have written about John Piper and fundamentalism.

The first post was written in reply to a couple of letters that were published in FrontLine magazine regarding my 2005 position paper written for the FBF.

The second is an open letter to Piper, in reply to his blog post, Praise God for Fundamentalists.

I’m not particularly interested in rehashing either conversation right (although the comments section is left open); I’m just posting these for archival reasons.

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An highlight

In my migration from the old blog, I didn’t want to lose everything that I’d written to this point. I will say, however, that blogging only twice per year makes backing up your work much easier.

Anyway, I begin a series of flashbacks with the most popular (in terms of comments) post that I’ve ever written: the inciting post on the controversial topic of the color of Jesus’s sash.


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Another new

Dear faithful reader,

I have hereby performed my annual blog update. As I am currently unemployed (perhaps a blog post explaining my current circumstances is in order at some point), I am reviewing all expenditures more carefully, and found that I was spending an inordinate amount of money to host the blog on which I was posting nothing.

I found that retaining my domain name and having it redirect to a free WordPress blog makes much more financial sense. And so, you have arrived here.

Now, to post something more than once a year…

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